Postcard Update

For those of you who donated money to the World Food Programme to support Typhoon Haiyan relief operations, I've got good news, THE POSTCARDS ARE ALMOST READY TO BE SIGNED AND SENT OUT! We're so sorry it's taken this long, but due to the overwhelming number of donors, it took quite some time to carry out this plan. The important part is that your money went to good use the minute it was received, and has made a huge impact for those in need. 

Thank You

Thank you so much for supporting the relief operations for those in need in the Philippines. With over 3300 people donating to the cause via the World Food Programme, together we have raised over $100,000.

The WFP distributed life-saving high energy biscuits and rice to 1 million people over the weekend and are continuing to mobilize and expand operations. High energy biscuits are life-saving in an emergency because they are lightweight, portable, don't require any cooking when people have no homes or stable circumstances to prepare food and are specially made to be packed with nutrients and vitamins. 

Receiving Your Postcard

Due to the staggering amount of donations received, it is going to take us a few weeks to design, sign and mail these postcards. The good news is that your money is already being put to good use in the Philippines. Please continue to check this site for updates.


Darren Criss
Ricky Rollins

*Due to the overwhelming generosity of all of you, it is going to take a few days to post all the names. We hope to have this posted by the end of the day on Tuesday 11/19.

You Can Still Donate

While we are no longer offering a postcard for your donation, the people of the Philippines are still in need. You can still click on the link below to donate if you choose. Your $25 donation to World Food Program USA will help bring more than 100 emergency meals to those in need.


For many of us, debilitating natural disasters in foreign countries can feel so very far removed from us that it almost seems like there’s really nothing we can do. Well, if you’re not interested in a signed post card from your pal Darren, that’s quite alright. There are a number of ways you can show your support and do your part to provide those in need. Here is a list of other amazing organizations currently offering aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan:

The American Red Cross 
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Catholic Relief Services ChildFund International
Direct Relief 
Feed My Starving Children
Habitat for Humanity 
International Medical Corps 
Médecins Sans Frontières 
The International Rescue Committee
Mammoth Medical 
Mercy Corps 
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) 
Operation USA 
The Philippine Red Cross 
The Salvation Army 
Save the Children 
Team Rubicon 
World Vision
Send hope to those in the Philippines and stay informed @philredcross. #redcross
Dear friends, 

In case you’re not already aware, last week’s Super Typhoon Haiyan wrought unimaginable destruction to the Philippines, leaving thousands dead and millions more in need of food, water, and shelter.  The Filipino government has declared a national state of calamity, which allows it to use state funds for relief- but the reality is that this won’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the country now needs to heal from such terrible devastation. 
This is where you come in. 

In an effort to raise money for those in need in the Philippines, I'm encouraging anyone who should find themselves at this site, whether fan or stranger, to donate what they can to the relief effort, and let those in need know they are not alone.  
For everyone that donates $25 to the World Food Programme, I will print and mail you a postcard with your name on it alongside every other person that joins in this effort… and sign every single one of them. To me, this is a minuscule gesture in comparison to what your donation will end up providing. But if it means we can all generate more help and attention to where it is so desperately needed, then it’s the least I can do. Every little thing counts in times like this. 

As some of you may know, the Philippines is where a large majority of my family is from. My mother was born & raised there, and as a result I have always been proud of my Filipino heritage, as well as lucky enough to feel the tremendous support of the Filipino community throughout my life as an artist.  I thank everyone who has voiced their concern for my family that live there, and I return the same sentiment to those of you who have the same situation. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you can pass this on to as many people as you can via twitter, facebook, tumblr, or whatever you feel has the most reach. 

People are in need now. Please donate and send us your info by Monday November 18th.  (WE HAVE NOW CLOSED THE POSTCARD OFFER)

With love & gratitude, 
- Darren