Check out this beautiful video featuring Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr for this beautiful song "Already Home" by A Great Big World!
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19 hours ago
I'm going live on youtube now with @janemarielynch to answer questions about this episode… #GleeAlong
19 hours ago
Well that was a fun episode! Thanks for hanging with us! #GleeAlong
19 hours ago
What a charming bastard. Who else wants Chris Parnell to stay on our show? Let's make it happen! @MrRPMurphy #GleeAlong
19 hours ago
Just so you know, Chris Parnell had his hands all over @janemarielynch 's butt when they made out. Guess that got cut out... #GleeAlong
19 hours ago
@druidDUDE @chordoverstreet cuz we're 8 ft small dude #GleeAlong

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Darren and his brother Chuck covering Bob Dylan's NEW MORNING
Darren performing Do Ya Think I'm Sexy at the ASCAP Pop Awards
Darren performing his original song "Not Alone" at TREVOR LIVE




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