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13 hours ago
I've always been in love with this show.… Tickets at…
4 days ago
Suddenly I'm...… @HedwigOnBway…
4 days ago
...Shoutout to @JoeyRichter for gettin me hooked- seriously one of the best games I've ever played, love it so much @beziergames ! #villager
4 days ago
I've waited too long to thank @beziergames for rocking my and my friends' world with One Night Ultimate Warewolf the past few months...
5 days ago
@NayaRivera yeah me too... When I'm in them... [quiet, pathetic sobs to myself]

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Darren and his brother Chuck covering Bob Dylan's NEW MORNING
Darren performing Do Ya Think I'm Sexy at the ASCAP Pop Awards
Darren performing his original song "Not Alone" at TREVOR LIVE




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Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan

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